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Green energy is a very hot topic in today’s world. However, many people do not know much of the most promising form of renewable energy: solar energy. For example, is a common assumption that a person must live in the Sunshine State to obtain any benefit. In fact, there is very little difference in the average daily sunshine rural America. The sun shines an average of 5.6 hours a day, Miami and Los Angeles, the city of St. Cloud, at the same time seek to provide 4.5 hours in Minnesota. One difference is less than 20% is one of the best of the worst. Germany, (hard to land the sun is called), produces more solar energy than any other country in the world, you know?

It is still considered solar power is too expensive, can not compete with fossil fuels. Cost of solar cells fall times. Moreover, it does not need a rocket scientist to understand that when you have to pay for the combustion of fuel in the next 20-40 years – no fuel costs – which might be a better way.

You may still feel that you can not install solar. A system by a panel resize any number – – you can expand a system, one group at a time. There are many other practical uses and small solar applications.

A single small solar panels can run all your outdoor lighting home – – collect light and store in the daytime running lights in the morning. Single panel can be maintained SLA battery charge, to provide emergency lighting of your family during a power outage. That fight noisy generator in the garage, do not you think? Solar is expensive to install. No, many solutions are easy to do yourself – – qualified crew is available for large projects.

Whatever your opinion, we all know that we can not continue to “consumption” of natural resources, to solve our energy needs. However, a very significant impact will be just a little ‘to reduce our personal consumption – – you know, to reduce the footprint. Although it is only charged with a portable solar installations on their mobile phone, laptop and other electronic products. Solar energy is a great machine, such as camping. Solar energy is the future, the last time I checked – not lacking.

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