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For years we have seen solar energy used to power small devices such as calculators and watches, to homes and businesses. The former has used smaller, mobile ways to collect light and transform it into energy, while the latter has always used the larger, bulkier panels and frames that have to be mounted on rooftops such as in residential solar panels, or in arrays for much larger applications. However, just recently have we seen the advent of the flexible solar panel, which has completely altered the way the world will see how useful capturing and using solar energy can be.

Never before have we had the ability to be able to make capturing the energy of the sun and light so portable like we can now, since we have the flexible solar panel. Whereas the calculators and watches before have used very small capturing devices to provide the tiny amount of power those devices needed, the flexible solar panel now allows us to be able to charge pretty much any of our many electrical devices we use on a regular basis today. Everything from cell phones, to laptops, to cameras can be hooked up to this new technology for charging.

Not only that, but it should be noted that the primary advantage of this kind of technology is the simple fact that it is PORTABLE. In other words, if you can think of a place to take it, it can go with you. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out camping in the most remote forest, or boating deep into the ocean, or climbing the tallest mountains. The flexible solar panel can be folded or rolled up to go with you and provide the power you need for your satellite phone, GPS unit, lanterns, or weather radio. Consider that many RV solar panels are also flexible for obvious reasons.

When you take a look at the list of devices that a flexible solar panel can power, along with the fact that it can be simply placed on the ground, draped over a chair, hung from a tree, or simply laid over the hood of your car, you can easily see how useful this advancement in solar technology can be in an emergency situation. This is why recently, companies that provide emergency kits for businesses and the like, have been adding a flexible solar panel to their kits, in order to provide a means of charging cell phones and other devices in the event of the loss of power.

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