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It may seem like installing solar panels is a hype but there is actually a good reason behind all of it. The government has been on a very active position towards reducing the overall carbon emissions of the country and revolutionising the energy efficiency of both residential and commercial properties.

The imminent threat of global warming will result to great devastating effects for everyone on earth. Many countries are presently implementing various laws to reduce their total carbon emissions in the hopes of delaying or stopping global warming. One of the easiest and most beneficial ways of participating in this purpose is by installing solar power systems in your home.

Although solar power systems are not cheap to have fitted in any residential home, the government tries to encourage citizens through government cash-back schemes. There are two kinds of solar panels that produce 2 kinds of energies – the PV solar panels and the solar thermal panels. Both of these two panels have different incentives. Users of PV solar panels will be rewarded through the Feed-in Tariff Scheme while on the other hand, users of the solar thermal panels will gain incentives through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Residents can have solar power systems installed by borrowing money from the bank or other financial institutions. The more people convert to solar energy for their hot water and electricity requirements, the most carbon dioxide emissions are lessened. It is said that an average household emits 1,693.63 kg of CO2 annually from electricity use. Adopting solar panels for electricity will greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the country.

Both the Feed-in Tariff scheme and Renewable Heat Incentive says that it will pay residents for every unit of power they generate – tax free. The former lasts for 25 years while the latter lasts for 20 years. Through the savings homeowners get from free electricity they produce with the solar panels, their panels will eventually pay for itself.

Apart from that, residents will be free from the headaches and money problems they experience from the rising costs of energy. Homeowners will be able to allot their money for something much more important.

Installing solar panels in your home is intended to reduce the carbon emissions of the UK and at the same time, provide homeowners an alternative source of clean and renewable energy. For the sake of a better world, similar legislations have also been implemented by other countries. Hopefully, the world and the future generations will be blessed with a better environment.

The use of solar power gives citizens and the world a lot of benefits.

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